Tips for writing your note

Here are a few things you can do to make your note more effective.

1. Make sure you enter the right information. For example if you are a band or musician, make sure you mention the instrument(s) you play and the music style. If you are a teacher make sure you say where you are located. This will help your note to appear in searches and will also give readers enough information to decide whether your note applies to them.

2. Include a picture. Posts with a picture typically attract many more visitors. Also, the default behaviour of the "Check this out!" box is to choose a random note with a picture. If you don't have a picture you won't have a chance of getting your note displayed there unless you decide to promote your note.

3. Don't use all capitals in your note. It might help to use capitals to attract attention for the odd word HERE and THERE, but if you do it for the whole note it is harder to read and most people get annoyed if they think you are "shouting" at them.

4. Don't include an email address unless you are prepared to be spammed. It is better to let people reply to the note through the website as we do not reveal your email address. Spammers like to search sites for email addresses and then flood your inbox.

5. Promote your note. If you are willing to spend a minimal amount, you can have your note featured in the "Check this out!" box. While someone is promoting the default behaviour of the "Check this out!" box changes from showing a random note, to only showing promoted notes. If nobody else is promoting at the time, your note will get 100% of the airplay!

6. Check your spelling and grammar. If you write giutar instead of guitar you might be missed in searches. If you are offering a music service such as guitar lessons, you may also come across as unprofessional and careless which might cost you customers.

7. Bump your note. You can bump your note to the top of the list once per day. This not only makes your note more visible, but also tells people that your note is still relevant and updates the post time. If the note is a few weeks old people may think it is not worth responding because the note is out of date.

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