Tips For Searching

It is usually best to start with fairly general search criteria and narrow down only if you get too many results. The best place to start is to set the location and note type you are looking for in the search box. If you get too many results, you may then want to enter some keywords.


To search for an exact phrase, enclose it in quotes e.g. "jazz drummer" will find all notes containing the exact phrase "jazz drummer" but it will not find notes where these two words are separated or in a different order.


Use AND between terms to search for notes which include both terms e.g. rock AND guitar will find all notes that have the words rock and drummer in them.

Use OR between terms to search for notes which contain either term e.g. "bass player" OR bassist will find all notes which have either the phrase "bass player" or the word bassist.

Excluding Search Terms

You can exclude terms by putting a minus sign in front of the term e.g. band -punk will look for all posts containing the word band that do not contain the word punk. Note that our search engine cannot accept only a negative term so it will not be happy if you type only -punk into the keyword box.

Bookmarking Search Results

You can bookmark the search results page if you want to perform the same search again in the future. Here are some of our most common searches:

Bands looking for new members

Musicians wanting to join a band

Music Teachers

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