Promoting Your Note

What types of promotion are available?

If you choose to promote your note it will

  • be highlighted in the search list
  • appear at the top of searches whenever your note matches the search criteria
  • be featured in the "Check this out" box

How does it work?

Notes are promoted by using promotion credits which you can buy on the site.

The position of your note in the list of higlighted notes and the frequency it appears in the "Check this out" box is directly related to the number of promotion credits you use to promote it compared to other users.

The "Check This Out" Box
If nobody is promoting their note, the "Check this out!" box defaults to showing a random note which also has a picture. As soon as one person starts to promote their note, the box will instead show a random note out of all the promoted notes. This means that if you are the only person promoting, you will have your note showing in the "Check this out!" box 100% of the time.

The "Top Note" List of Highlighted Notes
This is a list of highlighted notes which appear at the top of searches.
If you do a search the "Top Note" list will only display if there is at least one promoted note matching the search criteria. If there is more than one note mathcing the search criteria they appear in order of the daily rate paid for the promotion.

How To Promote

Once you have created your note you will receive an email which has a link to the "Promote" page. (Alternatively you can log into the site and view your note. You should see a tab called "Promote".)

Promotion is done by using credits which you can purchase from the "Buy promotion credits" box which you can see from the "Promote" page for your note. You can then choose to use your promotion credits to advertise your note in the "Check this out" box and "Top Note" list.

Note that credits are attached to your account, so you can use them across a number of notes if you like.

How much does it cost?

You choose how much you want to pay and how to distribute your credits. The lowest purchase is $2.50 which will get you 6 credits. You can use them at the rate of 1 credit per day for 6 days, 2 credits a day for 3 days, 3 credits a day for 2 days or 6 credits a day for one day.

The higher your daily rate compared to others, the higher up the search list you will go and the more frequently your note will appear in the "Check This Out" box. When you go to the promote page, the site will give you a suggestion of how much you need based on the amount others have spent on promotions.

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