Willing to give it a try

Musician Seeking Band
Location: Melbourne
Address: 3153
Posted: 1 year ago

I know most of you will probably not want someone like me in a band but I really love music especially rock/rock n roll music from the 80's throughout 90's. I've always want to be in one and it is my dream. But the thing is, I don't have much experience in being in a band, because I have never been in one. I want to give a try, learn new music and instruments. I'm really young I can't find anyone else to join with so I'm posting this. I have basic theory knowledge from learning piano/keyboard. I also have basic chord knowledge from the ukulele and guitar. I know some simple easy beats playing drums. Don't know that many songs or music. So I'm hoping my dream band would teach me. I know most of you are probably looking for a talented musician who will do gigs and compose their own music right away. But what I'm really looking for is a band to learn and jam with slowly progressing to playing gigs one day but that will be awhile. I want to get experience first. I'm only 17 and I don't have my own vehicle yet but will do by the end of this year. So are there any youth rock bands out there willing to train and jam with a newbie like me? I would be dedicated and delighted. Thank you for reading. I'm sorry this wasted your time and is not what you were looking for. My email is: lehcaracchung@hotmail.com

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