Songwriting and Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Songwriting and Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Music Teacher
Location: Brisbane
Address: Stafford, 4053

The Songwriter & Music Studio

Do you want to a be songwriter?
Songwriting lessons with a professional international songwriter!
Demystify the art of songwriting. Most people who try to write a song have no idea where to start; how to write lyrics, create a melody or create and write the music. But with the right help you can learn to write a song within weeks, with the opportunity to record your own songs!

Do you want to learn music & have fun?
Music Lessons with a free weekly ensemble class!
Learn Guitar or Piano, also Accordion, Trumpet & Brazilian Percussion!
Choose your style from Folk, Rock, Jazz, World, Pop & Classical.

Do you want to be a better musician?
Ever thought it'd be good to be able to read music?
Would you like to learn more about how music works?

Does your child like music?
Specialised children’s & teenage classes also available for guitar & piano!
One to one music tuition for people of all ages & abilities!

So whether you're a student needing extra help at school or Uni, or you're a gigging musician in a band who wants to improve and learn more about what you're doing, or even if you've no previous experience of music at all but simply want to start to learn, get in touch!

We’re located in Stafford, North Brisbane.
More Info? Ready to book a lesson?
Phone: 0412 830 898 or 3160 6577

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