Progressive Metal/Multi-genre band wanted!

Progressive Metal/Multi-genre band wanted!

Band Seeking Musician
Location: Sydney
Address: Doonside, 2767
Posted: 6 years ago

Dear musos within the Sydney area!!

I'm currently looking for fellow players/composers of the Progressive Metal genre to participate in a songwriting, recording and performing project. I want to write and record music with a solid band, as doing everything myself is getting rather frustrating and proving a little slow; also, there's only so much that sampling and MIDI keys can do...

Potential band-members should have a solid grasp of music theory, have a decent level of technical ability (at or above classical AMEB grade 7, or its contemporary equivalents) and be able to understand/improvise/write manipulatively under stereotypes of Flamenco, Indian Raga, Smooth Jazz, Latin Jazz, Heavy Metal, Classical (Baroque/Purist Classical periods particularly), Reggae, Electropop and Orientalism (chinese/japanese) music, or in general willing to explore new genres with me.

My essential goal is to create music that cannot be 'cut down to size' - truly progressive music that defies basic repeated structures or cyclic thinking and whilst retaining harmonic coherence, enforces an unpredictability that goes beyond simpler factors of flat9 or sharp23aug5 chords.

I know it's a fairly chunky ad but I don't want to waste your time or mine if we're both looking to get a band together that will, hopefully, absolutely blitz the prog world! If you want an idea of where I want to go with this, combine Protest the Hero, Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Opeth and Killswitch Engage, but with extraneous classical/exotic leanings as well.

I'm currently looking for a BASSIST and DRUMMER (*already found a second guitarist, but willing to change...*), as I sing, play the keys and guitar myself, thus allowing for some interesting configurations/instrumentalisation as I can wield both keys/axe at pretty much the same time...
If you can sing as well, that'd be great, as harmony/lead vocals are always appreciated on stage! :D

Anyway, that's my set of raving demands; if you're a drummer, I have a set of drum pads if you're ok with using ezDrummer for session drumming.
You'll see that my area is Doonside, West Sydney; my home studio is right here as well, so be prepared to make the trek to either my place or another possible recording location that will be disclosed once we're all together.

You can contact me via 0424414064,

Keep well, good luck and rock on!!


Van Leucia

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