Piano Lessons available in Willoughby and Marrickville

Piano Lessons available in Willoughby and Marrickville

Music Teacher
Location: Sydney
Address: Willoughby and Marrickville

Learn piano lessons from an experienced teacher in both AMEB and Yamaha education systems. I started playing the piano at the age of 4 and began playing the violin at the age of 6.

I am easy-going, fun, patient and friendly. I believe it is important to have a positive supportive relationship between the teacher and student to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

Being a former Yamaha music teacher, I have a holistic approach to learning music. My teaching approach is not only technical and performance skills but I believe it is also important to incorporate theory, aural skills, music knowledge, performance skills and music creativity from a young age. Through this holistic approach I believe this will bring about the best musician in all.

Annual year concert for all students. Developing performance skills are important for all students. This is a chance for all students to share their achievements with one another.

I can help students achieve AMEB exams. All my students consistently achieve high results in all AMEB examinations.

Who is piano lessons for? anyone of any age and level. Whether you are a beginner, have had piano lessons in the past or are preparing for an examination.

Something else about me? I am also a speech language pathologist meaning that I have good rapport-building and communication skills. I have experience teaching students piano who have additional needs (such as autism spectrum disorder). I have a specific approach which caters to visual and/or auditory learners. Using the child’s strengths are the key to exploring the child’s full potential.

Piano studio located in North Willoughby (on Saturdays) and Marrickville (during the week).

Please do not hesitate to contact me about any queries.


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