Myself to a band

Myself to a band

Band Seeking Musician
Location: Melbourne
Address: Carnegie, 3163
Posted: 6 years ago

Hi I am a 20 year old singer living close to Melbourne who plays guitar and am looking for other musos that enjoy a wide variety of musical style. I would describe my singing style is rough edged and kind of aggressive, however not trying to emulate a rock singer. Anything that is fast paced or raw and explicit is right up my alley though, as long as we aren't straying into hardcore/core,death/scream.
Basically want to find guitar players, bassist, drummer and a pianist or keys player. Previous experience in a group is really not important, I'm looking to find people who want to have a good old jam with to find out their musical edge, so that we can become a serious group.

I have no set musical style in mind, but I'm a bit partial to the likes of:
tool, black sabbath, nick cave, pearl jam, rage against the machine, jeff buckley, the jezabels.

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