Melbourne singer looking for band

Melbourne singer looking for band

Musician Seeking Band
Location: Melbourne
Posted: 6 years ago

hi everyone,

i just moved down from the gold coast and looking for a band/people to jam with/perform with. i have an extensive range of 2 octaves and i like almost all genres of music, lately have been getting into heavier stuff (since watching metalocalypse lol) but have experience performing in singapore (used to live there) in pop/rock/classics..a lot of stuff like blink 182, coheed & cambria, evanescence, bon jovi --this is back in around 2004 hahah. i can also play guitar (rhythm only really) and have been playing for about 7 years. i can basically fit my voice around a variety of styles, although i haven't tried screaming at all.

if you want to check out my voice you can go to my friends youtube where we collaborated a couple of times (only acoustic though) which is

or my myspace (also acoustic):

it would really awesome to start performing again-music is what i live for!

contact me at
thanks! ^_^

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