Looking for Bands!

Looking for Bands!

Music management
Location: Sydney

Hi Guys,

My name is Kara and I am founder and manager of Maddness Management. I'm am currently seeking bands (Would love to hear from all sorts of genres, though my main aim is to have a rock, indie and/or grunge, punk bands) who may be considering management or are just starting off and need help getting a gigs.

I have been managing a solo artist for the past few months, who unfortunately had to return the the UK. So now I am looking to start adding a few bands to my roster.

Just email through a link to your myspace or facebook, (or where ever you keep your musics) or if you have any recordings, just buzz them through to maddnessmanagement@hotmail.com.

I'm also quite up for receiving CDs, again just email me, and I will forward you the address of which you can send them to.

Anymore information you can visit my myspace and/or facebook:

Even if you arent interested in management, or any of what I have to offer, I would still love to hear from you, I'm always interested in hearing about gigs and getting my hands on new music.


Kara Whetters
Maddness Management

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