Jazz, gypsy, balkan, folk, soul drummer looking for band

Musician Seeking Band
Location: Melbourne
Address: Fitzroy North/Clifton Hill
Posted: 6 years ago

I'm a jazz-trained drummer who has come to Melbourne to study. I'm able to play a lot of styles, but I'm currently really interested in playing some gypsy music! That said, any interesting music is considered, particularly if it's damn beautiful. I'm playing in a soul outfit right now, and I'm looking to expand my musical horizons with some creative, like-minded folk. Odd time signatures and complex musical adventures are fine. Chart reading is not a problem, if required. I live in the Fitzroy North/Clifton Hill area. I also play a bit of piano accordion, piano, percussiony bits, and a spot of guitar here and there.

So, if you lean toward the left of the musical spectrum and you like to play music to dance to (that doesn't simultaneously also make you want to weep due to the chilling, breath-takingly empty and banal musical mainstream), I'm your fellow.

Email me at richardjwise@gmail.com

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