Female Singer looking for band in Sydney

Female Singer looking for band in Sydney

Musician Seeking Band
Location: Sydney
Posted: 6 years ago

To all bands that miss the icing on the cake!

I am a 28 year old female singer (and mc) who is looking for a band to join. I used to make a lot of music (mostly hip hop & soul) before I came to Australia 2 years ago (I am originally from Germany). Unfortunately, I don't come across musicians in my daily routine... I miss music a lot and think it's about time to get started again.

You can check out my myspace page at myspace.com/melokat. Even though most songs are more than 3 years old (and actually in German) and my music has evolved since then, I hope it will give you some sort of idea...

I am looking for a band that loves music just as much as I do, is reliable and has no particular genre rather likes to mix hip hop, soul, funk, rock, electronic etc. and creates their own unique sound.


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