Experienced singing teacher/vocal coach in Sydney Waterloo

Experienced singing teacher/vocal coach in Sydney Waterloo

Music Teacher
Location: Sydney
Address: Waterloo, 2017

Matanjas Music School: www.matanja.com, under 'music school'.

Matanja (pronounced.Ma-tahn-yah) is a singing teacher / vocal coach with a Bachelors in teaching and more than 20 years of singing and performing experience. Matanja teaches in the suburb of Waterloo; close to the city CBD and all Eastern & Western suburbs of Sydney. Besides Matanja’s teaching experience, she is also a passionate songwriter who offers her students a chance to develop their own songwriting.

In her music career, she was a successful soloist for the gospel choir Inside Out, who later performed with artists such as Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder. Matanja has directed and conducted choirs of hundreds for more than 10 years and continues to do so today. As a choir conductor and vocalist, she has been part of many successful live album recordings with audiences of up to 20,000.

Matanja is passionate about singing teaching because of her own journey in recovering from a damaged voice. She has had to work hard on gaining an understanding of how the voice works and developing healthy vocal habits, and as a result, has devoted herself to passing on her knowledge and expertise to others.

Matanja teaches all ages (including children) and all levels of ability, from beginner to advanced, and offers reasonable prices. If you are interested, please call her on: 0405 792 144 or email: info@matanja.com. You can also check out her website on www.matanja.com.

Whether you are a passionate singer wanting to maximize your vocal potential, or a beginner looking to explore your voice and have some fun, Matanja will help you develop your performing ability and build a healthy vocal technique.

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