Band Seeking Musician
Location: Melbourne
Posted: 4 years ago


Lace And Whiskey is an established Melbourne based (70’s/80’s style) Hard Rock/Old School Heavy Metal band looking for a drummer to complete our line up and get us back into gigging.

We’re looking for and committed and enthusiast band member to join. We love the music we play and are looking for like-minded drummer to help out (if they want) with writing and any other band related decisions. We want you to put your own personality and style into the music!

Backing vocals and own transport is extremely desirable, but pro equipment is a must.

About the band: made up of different musical backgrounds and playing styles, each member brings their own personality to the band and music. We all have our own pro equipment and transport. The line up consists of Vocals, Bass (Backing Vocals), Guitar and YOU! Each member is at a proficient level and together we have gotten pretty tight over the time we have been together. We all play off each other and understand each others playing style.

Our major personal influences include:
• The Beatles
• Led Zeppelin
• Midnight Oil
• Pink Floyd
• Queen
• Ozzy Osbourne
• Black Sabbath
• Pantera
• The Jimi Hendrix Experience
• The Who
• Anthrax
• Primus
• The Gaslight Anthem
• Stray Cats

But as a band we are going for a (70’s/80’s style) Hard Rock/Old School Heavy Metal so when writing we and playing we look to bands such as:
• Guns N’ Roses
• Bon Jovi
• Aerosmith
• Led Zeppelin
• Ozzy Osbourne
• Black Sabbath
• Van Halen
• Def Leopard
• Motley Crue
• Rush
• Alice Cooper
• Deep Purple
• Dio

We want to take this as far as possible but we need someone who knows that it is not always easy or glamorous. In saying this we have a lot of fun onstage and off!
All are welcome to contact us and feel free to ask any questions!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaceAndWhiskeyBand
Demo: http://laceandwhiskey.bandcamp.com/album/the-overlander-demo
Email: laceandwhiskeyband@hotmail.com

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