Drummer from Airport West

Drummer from Airport West

Musician Seeking Band
Location: Melbourne
Address: Airport West
Posted: 2 years ago

Hey I am a 23 yr old Drummer whose is looking for a band to play in, I am open to playing different styles of music, but into popular music or commercial based music, I am based in Airport West and want to join a band that is based around my area and in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and members that are more or less around the same age as me, gender no issue, and that are serious about their music, for I want to achieve a career in the music industry and I want a band that takes their music seriously and have the same goals as me and want to reach them. If you need to contact me, just message me here or email me. Rock On, God Bless

PS: I also play guitar and sing as well as have my own drumset and transport

Here is my music channel

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