DJ's Wanted

DJ's Wanted

Job / Gig Available
Location: Sydney
Address: 27-33 Oxford St, Paddington, 2021
Posted: 6 years ago

Looking for enthusiastic DJ's wanting to bridge the gap between bedroom and club.

We run a weekly event at the 3 Weeds Bar in Paddington Oxford St. Chilled out atmosphere, good food and drinks, with old school board games called Sunday Sets.

Sunday Sets is an opportunity for new DJ's to play to a relaxed crowd and get comfortable on club grade gear. We provide all equipment and PA. All you need to do is rock up and play. Bring CD's/USB/Laptop to plug into our mixer.

It's also an opportunity to socialize with other like minded people on topics such as running events, promoting, production and remixing.

DJ's will have a 1 hour set to play the music that has been influencing them over the years.

If you're interested and are looking to play live please contact us at:

with your style of music and where you're up to with the whole DJ thing!

please check out our events page to see a little more on what we're all about:

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