Conservatorium trained guitar teacher in Darlington/Newtown

Conservatorium trained guitar teacher in Darlington/Newtown

Music Teacher
Location: Sydney
Address: Wilson Street, Darlington, 2008

Got some free days available for private students, teaching from my house in Darlington. I've studied classical guitar at the Sydney Conservatorium and am now a working musician playing in jazz and bluegrass bands. I have an informal teaching style with an emphasis on developing your ears and working on the things that YOU find satisfying. You aren't interested in reading music? We'll save it till it's relevant to what you're doing. You want to learn Opeth songs? Or some classical repertoire? We'll do that.

I never follow a proscribed plan of teaching, I just work with individuals to develop something that is mutually satisfying and has people walking away from each lesson feeling stoked. 25 for half an hour or 40 for an hour. The good thing about teaching from home is lesson length isn't strict and we can work on whatever we're doing till we get positive results. My number's 0402 369 974, and I'm located a short walk from Redfern train station.


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