Booking Agency Seeks Talented and Driven Bands!!!

Music management
Location: Melbourne
Address: 3000

No Signal is a booking agency. We seek to collectively represent bands that possess a diverse sound that is not easily definable; something that seeks to become it’s own. Too often bands with sounds that clash are slapped together at their local venue for a night which nearly always ends up with the fans for one band dispersing immediately after their show and not sticking around to watch the others for the night. The result is usually an unengaging atmosphere and no gain to the performers themselves. At No Signal, we come from the industry and we know how musicians want to be treated. We know that you need time to be creative and that you want your hard work rewarded with decent shows! We also know that venues don’t want a mish-mash of bands that bring in 20 people each that leave after their friend’s set, without buying any drinks! Using our extensive networks, we showcase groups of left- of-field artists that share a musical ethos, but do not sound identical. The result is events that not only profit both the venue and the bands but are engaging and entertaining for an audience, building momentum for the artists collectively. If you think your band's made of the right stuff, shoot through your press kits (incl. bio, demos, photos, vids & whatever else makes you interesting) to

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