Bass Guitar Service & Set-Ups Gold Coast || PH: 0414 524 912

Bass Guitar Service & Set-Ups Gold Coast || PH: 0414 524 912

Instrument repairs
Location: Gold Coast
Address: Gold Coast , 4208

Bass Guitar Service & Set-Ups Gold Coast || Bass Guitar Service Specialist


ABOUT: After many years as a professional bass player and teacher, setting up my own instruments along with my students basses and also after having many disappointing basses back from guitar technicians, I got into servicing and setting up basses after I saw a need for a specialist bass technician in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area.

Bass Guitars Set-Up by Bassists!

Getting your bass serviced and set-up is a very important part of being a musician at any level, a bass with a bad set-up can cause major problems to your playing and be very un-inspirational. Whether it being a brand new bass straight from the shop or a old bass need some life put back into it, all basses should be serviced and set-up every 1 to 2 years.


• Detailed Fretboard & Body Clean
• Frets Polished & Neck Oiled
• Electronics Checked & Cleaned
• Hardware, Jacks & Pots Cleaned
• Neck Adjustments
• Bridge & Nut Height Set
• New Strings
• Set-Up with Height & Intonation Set
• Low, Medium or High Action
• Pick-Ups Instalments
• Input Jack & Pot Replacements
• Finger Ramp Instalments
• Neck Sanding
• Custom Foam mutes

I’m also available for work with touring bands and artists needing a bass tech and have experience working with some amazing musicians over the years, servicing and getting there basses ready and playing at their full potential.


PH: 0414 524 912


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