Band members NEEDED!

Band Seeking Musician
Location: Sydney
Address: Penrith, 2750
Posted: 6 years ago

Yeah I mean "needed".

Within Your Wounds, a metalcore band that i started only two years ago is in dire need of members for a reincarnation.

We orginally recorded under the name Into The Fray. I only changed it once the other members left about two months ago. (I play lead guitar)

So now I'm looking desperately for:

1. A Drummer (!)
2. A Clean vocalist
3. An unclean vocalist
4. A bassist

And not so desperately, a second guitarist, as well as a synth player.

I need guys around Sydney (West), sepcifically Penrith and the areas around it, aged from 16-17 (maybe with a one year leeway either side).

check our ozjam band profile for contact info.+ what I'm looking for in terms of members, availability, transport, and actually becoming part of the band.

Also, all members need to be available from december of this year onward. The band isn't really going to begin before then.

Please help get this band up and going again. :)


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