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How can I bring my post to the top of the list?
Posts are listed in order of newest to oldest. Also, users who have paid to promote their note will have their notes highlighted at the top of searches in the "Top Note" section (see
Promoting Your Note for more details).
To bring your post to the top of the list (but below the "Top Note" list) you need to either update you ad or you can use the bump feature. Bumping your post doesn't mean you have to change the post.

Why can't I bump my post?
To bump your post you use the link provided in the email you receive when you post your note (or else you have to be logged in). Your post also has to be more than a day old before it can be bumped. You can bump your note once every 24 hours.

How do I delete my account?
You must contact us and tell us you wish to terminate your account via the contact tab. In the future we aim to integrate an account deleting feature into the logged in page.

Do I have to put my email in the post?
No, in fact we recommend that you don't. If you do not wish to display you email on the site and risk possible spam you do not have to. A potential contact can use the "contact author" section to communicate with you whic is located on the left side when a note is clicked on.
This will send a message via themusicnoticeboard.com to your email address.

Do I have to create a login to create a post?
No, you only need to list an email address. An email will be sent to you when you write a note which contains links to manage your note. This process creates an account automatically, though you will not have to remember a login name or password. All operations can be performed using the links in the email that is sent to you when you post your note. However, you can create an account manually if you prefer.

How do I get my note to appear in the "Top Note" list or the "Check This Out" box or "Top Note" list?
Once you have created your note you will receive an email which has a link to the "Promote" page. (Alternatively you can log into the site and view your note. You should see a tab called "Promote".) From the "Promote" page you can choose to use your promotion credits to advertise your note. (see
Promoting Your Note for more details).

What are the terms and conditions for posting?
Here is a link to our
Terms and Conditions. Any posts which do not comply with our policies may be removed by the moderators.

I have some ideas about how to improve the site - how can I let you know?
Please contact us from the
Contact Page with any feedback.

Can I advertise on the site?
You can pay to promote your note in the "Top Note" list and the "Check this out" box. However if you are interested in having a more prominent advertisement (e.g. banner) please
Contact Us. Note that we will only accept advertising which is relevant to the Australian music community.

What is the "Promotion Statistics" box?
If you are logged into the site then when you view your note you will see a box called "Promotion Statistics" on the left. This box shows how many times your note has been featured in the "Check This Out" box. You can reset this count to zero at any time. Note that you need to include a picture to have a chance at appearing in the "Check This Out" box unless you are promoting your note. Secondly, even if you are promoting, you may not be using enough credits per day for your promotion (see
Promoting Your Note for more details).

What do I do if I lose the note management email?
No problem! Just go to the Request Password link and enter the email address you used when you created your note. You will receive details that will allow you to log in and access your note. Once you are logged in go to the "My Posts" tab to find your note quickly.

Why is nobody replying to my note?
Check out these Tips For Writing Your Note

Can I save my search?
Yes. Just perform the search you want and then bookmark the result page with your browser. Each time you visit the page it will regenerate the search result. For example if you are only interested in finding Sydney bands who are looking for musicians you could bookmark this link: http://themusicnoticeboard.com/notesearch/sydney/band-seeking-musician You may also want to check out these Tips For Searching

How do I use my promotion credits?
To use your credits first view the note you want to promote. You should see a tab at the top of the screen with a heading "promote". Click on this tab and you will be taken to the note promotion screen. You promote your note by selecting a daily rate of credits to use and the number of days you want to promote your note. Once you submit the form two things will happen. Firstly your note will be highlighted and appear at the top of searches (in order of who has the highest daily rate). Secondly your note will appear in the "Check This Out" box and will appear in proportion to your daily rate compared with others (see Promoting Your Note for more details).

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